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Friday, 26 Oct 2012

HSC written exams day 11: Monday 29 October 2012


Modern History
Begins: 9:25AM Ends: 12:30PM

10,620 enrolled

Arabic Beginners
Begins: 9:30AM Ends: 12:10PM

5 enrolled

Indonesian Background Speakers
Begins: 9:30AM Ends: 12:30PM

97 enrolled

Heritage Indonesian
Begins: 9:30AM Ends: 12:10PM

0 enrolled

Heritage Japanese
Begins: 9:30AM Ends: 12:10PM

15 enrolled


Begins: 1:55PM Ends: 5:00PM

1,391 enrolled

Chinese Background Speakers
Begins: 2:00PM Ends: 5:00PM

756 enrolled

Chinese Beginners
Begins: 2:00PM Ends: 4:40PM

41 enrolled

German Beginners
Begins: 2:00PM Ends: 4:40PM

131 enrolled

Spanish Beginners
Begins: 2:00PM Ends: 4:40PM

191 enrolled

Spanish Continuers
Begins: 2:00PM Ends: 5:00PM

200 enrolled

Vietnamese Continuers
Begins: 2:00PM Ends: 5:00PM

158 enrolled

Enrolments are as of 1 September 2012.

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