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Friday, 12 Jul 2013

Book Week: 17-23 August 2013

There are many weeks in the calendar that provide an opportunity for a special learning focus. One example is Book Week, 17–23 August 2013.

The Book Week theme for 2013 is Read across the universe. If you are planning for a focus on Book Week, relevant outcomes from the Board’s English K–6 syllabus could be used.

The new Board of Studies English K–6 syllabus provides guidance on the types and varieties of texts students must study. These texts become increasingly sophisticated as students move from Kindergarten to Year 6.

In each Year students must study examples of:

  • spoken texts
  • print texts
  • visual texts
  • media, multimedia and digital texts.

Across a stage of learning, the selection of texts must give students experience of:

  • texts which are widely regarded as quality literature
  • widely defined Australian literature, including texts that give insights into Aboriginal experiences in Australia
  • a wide range of literary texts from other countries and times, including poetry, drama scripts, prose fiction and picture books
  • texts written about intercultural experiences
  • texts that provide insights about the peoples and cultures of Asia
  • everyday and community texts
  • a wide range of factual texts that present information, issues and ideas
  • texts that include aspects of environmental and social sustainability
  • an appropriate range of digital texts, including film, media and multimedia.

In addition, The Children’s Book Council of Australia website provides materials including lists of its past award winners. These lists are invaluable as they provide the basis for quality literature that schools may want to include in class and libraries.

Click here to view the current Children’s Book Council of Australia Shortlist for the Book of the Year 2013.

These resources will also be a useful addition to school resources when your school begins to implement the new English K–6 syllabus. Schools will implement the English syllabus as a mandatory syllabus in 2014.

Content and text requirements K–6 are clearly outlined in the syllabus. The books recommended by the Children’s Book Council of Australia will assist you to select an appropriate range of books as you prepare for 2014.


For K–6 enquiries, contact:
Christine Taylor
Board Inspector, Primary
(02) 9367 8199