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Thursday, 17 Nov 2016

PDHPE: Respectful Relationships

Friday 25 November is the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This campaign is intended to raise awareness about men’s violence against women in an effort to generate positive social change. Friday 25 November is also White Ribbon Day, a national initiative that recognizes the positive role everyone, especially males can play to end male violence against women.

Equipping young people with the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to develop equal, inclusive and respectful relationships is an important part of the mandatory K-10 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) curriculum.

In PDHPE K-6, students explore:

  • respecting others’ ideas and opinions and values
  • understanding feelings of others
  • rights and responsibilities in relationships
  • forms of discrimination
  • positive relationships
  • managing conflict situations/negotiation
  • types and effects of abuse
  • identifying and responding to unsafe situations
  • support networks
  • people to go to for help.

In PDHPE Years 7-10, students explore:

  • the qualities of effective communication
  • caring and respectful relationships
  • developing equal and respectful relationships
  • recognising forms of abuse
  • power in relationships
  • family and domestic violence
  • strategies for dealing with abusive situations
  • protective strategies to effectively manage personal safety
  • seeking help
  • basic first aid procedures.

A whole-school approach that models positive relationships reinforces the knowledge, understanding and skills students learn in the PDHPE curriculum. This includes policies, structures and a school ethos that reinforces a culture of equality and respectful relationships.

For more information relating to respectful relationships, visit the following websites:

For more information, contact:
Dominique Sidaros
Senior Curriculum Officer, PDHPE
(02) 9367-8317