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Monday, 22 Mar 2010

Onscreen marking

Markers Online Video

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'Blown away', 'instantaneous revelation' and 'just the natural progression' are some of the terms senior markers use to describe the Board's ground-breaking onscreen marking system in 2009. Their experiences are captured in a new six-minute video posted on the Board's Markers Online webpages and designed to help other School Certificate and HSC markers understand a little more about this exciting new process. After several years of design, development and testing, the Board introduced onscreen marking in about 10 percent of SC and HSC exams in 2009 and expects to expand this to about 20 percent of SC and HSC marking in 2010. Onscreen marking distributes students' scanned exam answers to markers via a secure internet site. Marks are entered either by clicking a button onscreen or by using the keyboard. The process is as simple as reading a newspaper online and requires straightforward computer skills. Developing the onscreen marking application in-house allowed the Board to ensure its current high standards for marking are maintained. Markers were involved at every stage of the development, resulting in a system that captures and improves on such familiar steps as practice marking, check marking and wide reading. The Board recognised that some markers would initially hesitate over the change to onscreen, but has found a common response has been one of surprise that the onscreen marking is so similar to paper marking, but in 'real time'. The successful use of onscreen marking for a number of SC and HSC exams is part of the Board's ongoing and often world-leading research and development into the best ways to use computers and technology in exams. View the six-minute video to hear for yourself what 2009 SC and HSC markers said about onscreen marking. For a more detailed technical article, read OBOS scores top marks for onscreen marking. Markers Online.
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