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Friday, 04 Nov 2011

School Certificate 1: Monday November 7

In 2011 more than 90 000 students are enrolled in at least one School Certificate subject.

Most will sit School Certificate tests being held in more than 820 schools throughout New South Wales.

09.20-11.30 English-literacy

This test has two sections.

  • Section 1 - Reading/Viewing (60 marks) consists of reading/viewing tasks that require students to respond to a range of texts. This section of the paper uses a combination of multiple-choice and short-answer questions.
  • Section 2 - Writing (30 marks) consists of two extended writing tasks.

There is a stimulus booklet attached to the test. Questions from both Section 1 and Section 2 draw on the material in the stimulus booklet.

All questions are compulsory.

12.50-15.00 Science

The Science test has two sections.

Section 1 (60 marks) consists of two parts:

  • Part A (50 marks) is 50 multiple-choice questions. All answers are recorded on the answer sheet provided.
  • In Part B (10 marks) there are 10 questions for which students write their answers in the boxes on the answer sheet provided.

In Section 2 (40 marks) there are up to 8 short-response questions with a total value of 40 marks. These questions can consist of several parts and are answered in the spaces provided.

All questions are compulsory.

Enrolments as of 1 September 2011. Follow the Board on Twitter @NewsAtBOS.