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Tuesday, 12 Jun 2012

Pilot project to recognise the broader learning and achievements of students

In 2012 the Board of Studies is conducting a pilot project to explore opportunities for students to record extra-curricular achievement as an adjunct to the Record of School Achievement (RoSA).

Approximately 30 schools from across NSW will participate in the pilot. These schools have been nominated by each of the education sectors.

Groups of Year 9 and/or Year 10 students from the pilot schools will enter their extra-curricular achievements into a purpose-built website. This website will allow students to record, view and share their extra-curricular achievements.

The website will assist students to develop skills to describe, organise and present records of their broader learning, community service, volunteering involvement, and other awards and achievements. Students will then be able to share this information with prospective employers or use it to access other education or training pathways including university.

The pilot project will be conducted from July to December 2012.

The aims of the pilot project are to gather information on the range of extra-curricular activities in which students participate across schools and regions, evaluate the online tool as a mechanism for recording and sharing extra-curricular achievements and gather feedback about local issues that emerge during the pilot.

At the conclusion of the pilot project a report will be prepared for the Board of Studies detailing the findings in relation to these aims and whether it would be valuable to make this opportunity available more widely to students in the future.


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