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Monday, 12 Oct 2015

HSC 2015 Fact Sheet

The internationally regarded NSW HSC is run by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES).

The HSC is a huge logistical effort involving more than 77,000 students and 118 HSC written exams, held over four weeks in over 750 exam centres staffed by more than 7,500 supervisors and presiding officers.

This year more than 300 students are sitting HSC exams overseas. This includes students at high schools in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

There are a further 13 students who, due to exceptional circumstances, are sitting their exams in places such as Baghdad, Tehran, Budapest, Connecticut and Barcelona.

The three most popular elective courses are Maths, Biology and Business Studies.

French, Japanese and Chinese are the most popular languages studied.

Hospitality, Construction and Retail Services are the most popular VET courses.

Students have already completed 50 per cent of their HSC assessments at school. Over the next four weeks, in completing their exams, they will have the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills learnt in their HSC courses.

To be awarded the HSC, students must complete at least 12 units of preliminary courses usually in Years 11 and 10 units of HSC courses, including English.

Following the last HSC exam on Wednesday 4 November and the marking of around 1.2 million scripts, students will receive their results from 6am on Wednesday 16 December.

Exam papers, student responses and marks awarded are kept secure at all times using measures such as tamper proof packaging, electronic tracking and sophisticated reconciliation systems.

Other facts:

  • More than 77,000 students are enrolled in one or more HSC courses
  • Around 69,000 students will complete their HSC program this year
  • 118 HSC written exams totalling around 300 hours are scheduled for 12 October to 4 November
  • 85 exam committees and 300 committee members were involved in developing the written exams
  • Each exam is reviewed at least six times before more than 700,000 exam papers are printed
  • More than 5,500 markers will mark HSC exams from 10 marking centres and homes across NSW
  • Around 45% of HSC markers will mark online with 64 courses (an increase of 13%) to be fully or partially marked online
  • Each student will have their English exams marked by at least 11 markers, and their Mathematics exam by at least six markers
  • HSC exams were first held in 1967
  • The HSC Rules and Procedures underpin the integrity of the world class HSC. BOSTES treats breaches very seriously. Students found to have cheated may not be awarded their HSC.

Further facts, figures and information about the HSC are available in the 2015 HSC Media Guide on the BOSTES website.

Media contact: Jennifer Ward Mob: 0455 076 754