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Friday, 28 Aug 2015

Monitoring Year 10 and 11 grades

BOSTES monitors the grades that schools submit for Stage 5 and Preliminary courses each year. This involves reviewing the patterns of A to E grades across courses and over time. As a result of monitoring, schools may be asked to review the grades awarded and provide samples of student work representing achievement at different grade levels. Reviewing work samples is a key activity in ensuring consistency of grades across the state.

In 2014, 218 schools were asked to review the grades they awarded in one or more courses. Approximately 170 student work samples for 15 Stage 5 and Preliminary courses were submitted by schools and reviewed by panels of experienced teachers. Feedback was provided to each school about how work samples aligned to the published standards for the relevant course.

The list of courses for which work samples must be retained is updated each year. From 2018, schools will be required to keep work samples for all Stage 5 and Preliminary courses they deliver (except VET and Life Skills). Information about the requirement to retain student work samples is available on the BOSTES website.

Schools are reminded that the Course Performance Descriptors (CPDs) for Stage 5 have been revised to align with the outcomes and content of the following new K–10 syllabuses:

The revised CPDs, which are to be used to award grades in these courses from 2015, are available to download from the Assessment Resource Centre on the BOSTES website.

For more information, contact:
Sharon Phillips
Senior Project Officer, Examinations, Reporting and Credentials
(02) 9367 8164