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Thursday, 11 Feb 2016

Student work samples to be retained for Stage 5 and Preliminary courses

2017 updated student work samples to be retained for Stage 5 and preliminary courses are available on the new NESA website

BOS 16/16

Who needs to read this notice:
Curriculum Co-ordinators
Head Teachers
Teachers of Years 10 and 11

Effective immediately

BOSTES grade monitoring procedures for Stage 5 and Preliminary courses involve reviewing student work samples from a selection of schools across the state to ensure there is consistent understanding of the standards represented by each of the grades A to E. Work samples are requested in Term 1 or Term 2 each year.

Schools are required to keep student work samples and the associated assessment activities for the following courses in 2016. From 2018, schools will be required to retain work samples for all Stage 5 and Preliminary courses.

Stage 5 courses

Preliminary courses


English (Standard)



English (Advanced)

Legal Studies


English as a Second Language

Modern History

Australian Geography


Society and Culture


Mathematics General

Studies of Religion



Industrial Technology



Information Processes and Technology

Food Technology


Community and Family Studies

Industrial Technology

Senior Science



Ancient History

Visual Arts

Photographic and Digital Media

Business Studies


Visual Arts




A minimum of three work samples, representing the upper, middle and lower range of achievement of the current cohort, should be retained for each course in a format that can be uploaded electronically. Each work sample should demonstrate performance towards the end of the stage that is typical of students awarded a particular grade (A to E) by the school. Work samples must be students’ original work, not teachers’ comments on a performance or submitted work. They should be labelled with the relevant grade.

Information about the requirement to retain student work samples is available on the Grades section of the BOSTES website. A guide to assist teachers in retaining work samples is also provided.

For more information, contact:
Sharon Phillips
Senior Project Officer
(02) 9367 8164