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Thursday, 18 Feb 2016

Amendments to the ESOS Act 2000 - implications for School Providers of courses to overseas students (CRICOS)

BOSTES 17/16

Who needs to read this notice:
Principals of non-government schools with overseas students on 570 or 571 student visas
Representatives of school systems with overseas students on 570 or 571 student visas
Principal Executive Officers (PEOs) of school providers (CRICOS)

Amendments to the Commonwealth's Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act) were passed by Parliament on 1 December 2015 and Royal Assent was received on 11 December 2015.

These amendments impact NSW School Providers approved to deliver courses to overseas students (CRICOS).

The intention of the amendments is to remove regulatory burden on education institutions.

Some of the amendments have already become effective whilst others will take effect from Friday 1 July 2016.

The following amendments came into effect on Monday 14 December 2015:

  • Removal of study periods
  • Reporting student defaults and refunds
  • Flexibility in paying tuition fees upfront.

The following amendments take effect from Friday 1 July 2016:

  • Streamlined registration
  • Internal review.

Details of the amendments, including factsheets, are available on the Australian Government Department of Education and Training's international education website.

The BOSTES’ Guidelines for Approved NSW School Providers Delivering Courses to Overseas Students (‘The Guidelines’) will be updated to reflect the legislative amendments. When finalised, the updated guidelines will become effective with the publication of an official notice later in 2016.

Please note that:

  • no additional requirements for School Provider approval have been introduced
  • some requirements have been amended in order to remove regulatory burden on education institutions
  • the role of BOSTES in approving School Providers to deliver courses to overseas students in NSW has not changed
  • the process for NSW School Providers to apply for initial approval or renewal of approval has not changed.

For more information, contact:
Dave Kermode
Inspector, School Registration and Accreditation Standards
(02) 9367 8497