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Thursday, 17 Mar 2016

Assessment Certification Examinations (ACE) website revisions

BOSTES 23/16

Who needs to read this notice:
Curriculum co-ordinators
Careers advisers
HSC co-ordinators

The Assessment Certification Examinations (ACE) website has been revised.

Details of the changes are listed below. The main revisions relate to the credentialling of the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) and Higher School Certificate (HSC), and changes to the nomenclature of illness/misadventure applications.

ACE pages revised:

  • 3011: minor change to how Life Skills are reported on the Record of School Achievement and HSC Record of Achievement
  • 4023: BOSTES literacy and numeracy test results are now reported separately from the RoSA credential
  • 4024: the requirement that students must have a 200-hour course other than English, Mathematics and Science before any 100-hour course will be credentialled on the RoSA has been deleted
  • 4035 and 4036: references to literacy and numeracy test periods have been deleted as the tests are available on all school days throughout the year
  • 8038: candidates studying HSC courses no longer receive hard copies of Result Notices, as they can access their results using Students Online and print a Student eRecord
  • 8069: ‘Students who engage in malpractice in internal assessment tasks will be recorded on the BOSTES malpractice register by their school.’ has been added
  • 8074, 10003, 11002, 11003, 11004, 11005: illness/misadventure appeals are now referred to as illness/misadventure applications
  • 8091, 11011: the requirement that schools return to BOSTES an Assessment Review Schedule detailing all reviews sought by its students has been deleted
  • 10006, 10007, 10008: Disability Provisions: Disability Case Studies, writers and readers and provision for diabetic students. These pages have been deleted as the information is on the BOSTES website.

For more information, contact:
Chris Thompson
(02) 9367 8069