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Thursday, 17 Mar 2016

Pathways in senior mathematics

Students are advised to select HSC courses in subjects they enjoy, at the highest level they can manage and that prepare them well for future academic or vocational pathways.

When it comes to determining the appropriate senior pathway for a student in mathematics, it is particularly important for students currently in Year 10 and below, to be aware that one major university - the University of Sydney - recently announced thatĀ from 2019 a number of its programs will require senior mathematics courses as prerequisites.

There are currently three different preliminary and five HSC mathematics courses. This range ensures all students can select one or more courses that can provide the best mathematical background for their future aspirations and needs.

The Preliminary Mathematics General course, and the HSC Mathematics General 1 and General 2 courses provide students with the opportunity to develop understanding and competence in aspects of mathematics relevant to a range of vocational pathways, careers or further training. Study of HSC Mathematics General 2 can provide students with a strong foundation for university courses such as the humanities, nursing and paramedical sciences.

Preliminary and HSC Mathematics courses are recommended as the most appropriate basis for tertiary studies that require mathematics. These tertiary studies include life sciences, economics, business, finance, technology, psychology and education. For students who require more substantial mathematics at a tertiary level, one or both Stage 6 Mathematics Extension courses are recommended.

Mathematics Extension 1 provides students with the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding and competence in aspects of maths for further studies in maths itself, and in areas such as physics, chemistry, engineering, statistics, and computer science. Students with outstanding mathematical ability should also consider undertaking Mathematics Extension 2. This course provides a strong basis for a wide range of useful applications of maths at a high level, as well as a strong foundation for the further specialised study of the subject.

For more information, contact:
Anna Wethereld
Inspector, Mathematics and Numeracy
(02) 9367 8103