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Thursday, 05 May 2016

NAPLAN – Test Week

The 2016 NAPLAN tests are from Tuesday 10 to Thursday 12 May. Students absent on a scheduled test day may complete the test at a later time during the test week, either during an afternoon or on Friday 13 May.

No tests can be completed by individual students after Friday 13 May.

To ensure the tests are administered according to the National Protocols for Test Administration and all student participation details are recorded correctly, schools should note the following:

  • NAPLAN coordinators must print off a test participation roll from the Participation and Registration (PAR) website for each test and each test group. The roll should be provided to the appropriate test administrator(s) either prior to the test or with the test materials. Test administrators should be briefed on how to complete it.
  • The principal and NAPLAN coordinator must ensure that the information in PAR about student participation and disability adjustments is completed accurately following the tests, as it is used to produce the student reports and for reporting through SMART. Further information can be found in the PAR Manual.
  • All applications for scribe or computer use must have been approved by BOSTES prior to the Writing test.
  • Approved scribes must follow the NAPLAN scribe rules.
  • Students with a temporary injury are not permitted to use a scribe in the Writing test. Approval may be given for the student to use a computer. Schools should apply through PAR for computer use (temporary).
  • Any breaches of test administration protocols or test security must be reported to the BOSTES NAPLAN team.

The Handbook for Principals and the Test Administration Handbook for Teachers are the key documents to support schools in the administration of NAPLAN tests in NSW schools. These can be downloaded from the PAR website.

All test materials are to be packaged correctly and sent for processing by Wednesday 18 May. Further information about the return of test materials will be published in the BOSTES Bulletin on Monday 16 May.

For more information, contact:
(02) 9367 8382

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