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Monday, 20 Jun 2011

Official Notice: New Answer Booklets in HSC Science examinations from 2011

BOS 19/11

Who needs to read this notice:
SC/HSC co-ordinators
Head Teachers (Science)
Science Teachers

There is a minor change to the way in which students record their responses to Section II (Option) questions in all HSC Science examinations – Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics, and Senior Science.

Students will now record their answers in two Section II Answer Booklets, rather than in generic writing booklets as in the past. Section II Answer Booklets will be included as part of the 2011 HSC Science examination papers.

Sample Science Section II Answer Booklets will shortly be available to download from each HSC Science syllabus page on the Board’s website.

Effective: 2011 HSC examinations

For further information:
Helen BristowManager, Examining and Testing
(02) 9367 8095