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Friday, 21 Jun 2013

Official Notice: Restoring eligibility for the Record of School Achievement

BOS 29/13

Who needs to read this notice:
Curriculum coordinators
Year 10 advisers
RoSA coordinators
Head teachers


A student who does not satisfy the course requirements and receives an N-determination in a mandatory course at the end of Year 10 is not eligible for the award of a Record of School Achievement (RoSA). The student has the opportunity and right to appeal the N-determination to the principal, and subsequently to the Board of Studies.

Section ACE 5001 of the Assessment Certification Examination website states that a principal with appropriate delegation may determine that a student undertaking Stage 6 courses who was ineligible for the RoSA at the end of Year 10 has subsequently met the requirements and is therefore eligible for the RoSA.

Advice on the feasibility of restoring eligibility for the RoSA may be obtained from a Board of Studies Liaison Officer (BOSLO).

The principal should notify the Board of any such restoration and eligibility for the RoSA by sending written advice to the Student Records Unit.


For further information:
Board of Studies Liaison Officers

Student Records Unit
(02) 9367 8001